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Date: 16th April 2016
PDC Three Wings With Inner Concave Drill Bits,diameter 28mm-270mm
Diamond compact (PDC) drill bits, diamond compact as the main cutting element, by scraping principle of shear rock broken, apply to soft - in hard formation drilling, and in overcoming incomplete stratum drilling has a better advantage. Diamond compact bit by utilizing high abrasion resistance and high impact of PDC, has the advantages of high lifetime, high timeliness higher cost performance. Diamond compact bit can be divided into core bit, non-core bit (including anchor bit), etc. This kind of bit has good stability and long service life, high drilling efficiency, low pressure drilling at a moderate speed , gauge effect is good, widely used and superior cost-effective, can be widely used in geological exploration, coal mining, water conservancy and hydropower construction, highway, rail construction of rock drilling and rock with sampling test pile. Our company can provide a wide range of conventional type diamond compact bit, sintering diamond compact bit, to overcome the carcass special strata dedicated diamond compact bit etc according to customer's requirements and geological conditions
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